Speech Therapy Richmond Hill

Speech Therapy Richmond Hill

Providing In-Home Speech Therapy in Richmond Hill and Surrounding Areas.

We assess and treat:

Speech Production (articulation, phonology)
Motor Speech (apraxia, dysarthria)
Auditory Comprehension (understanding words, following directions, answering questions, etc.)
Verbal Expression (aphasia, vocabulary, oral narrative skills)
Literacy (reading fluency, reading comprehension, written expression)
Social skills (pragmatics)
Cognitive skills (memory, attention, processing)
Swallowing (dysphagia)

We come to you! Our Speech Language Pathologists provide in-home services in Richmond Hill . Contact us today to schedule an appointment or a consultation!

Speech Therapy Richmond Hill

We design individualized
treatment plans


We offer speech evaluation and treatment in your home to help make speech therapy an easy part of your routine.


We recognize that each family’s situation is unique and set goals together as a team, to best fit your needs.

High-quality service:

We strive to make therapy fun and engaging, and to make it an experience that our clients enjoy while achieving their therapy goals.

Caregiver involvement:

Parents and caregivers are provided with strategies for use at home between sessions, and regular updates about progress throughout the treatment process.

Virtual therapy services:

In addition to in-home, we also offer virtual sessions that are engaging. They may include direct therapy and/or parent and caregiver coaching.

Our services are covered by most private insurance companies, usually without a doctor’s referral. 

Contact us at info@twocantalk.ca to get started today! 

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Speech Therapy Richmond Hill

Online sessions are available via telepractice for direct treatment and caregiver coaching! Receive therapy from a Registered Speech-Language Pathologist or Speech-Language Pathology Assistant from the comfort of you home.

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