Speech Therapy
for Children and Adults

Combining compassion with practice to serve your needs.


We believe in individualized treatment that involves the client and the caregiver. We combine your knowledge with our expertise to develop a unique plan of care. Our experience, passion, and family centered approach will make the difference.


We value the importance of high quality care and provide individualized intervention. We combine compassion with evidence based practice to support every individual’s unique communication goals.


We strive to combine compassion with evidence-based practice to support every individual’s unique communication goals.

  • Our team of Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) and Speech Language Pathology Assistants (SLPAs) provide speech therapy services including assessment, treatment, and consultation, both in-person and online. 
  • In-person sessions are available at our Vaughan clinic or at the convenience of your home. 

  • Teletherapy is delivered using interactive video, creating an “in-person” experience, similar to traditional sessions.

Speech Therapy Services

Services for
Services for
Traumatic Brain Injury
Cognitive Communication
Autism / Psycho-educational

Our Clinical Philosophy

We maintain the highest standards in the provision of evaluation and treatment, pulling from the most current, innovative, and evidence-based techniques. Our clinical standards of practice are guided by ethical and professional excellence, consistent with CASLPO. Our goal is to deliver high standard, compassionate and enjoyable care, to help adults and children reach their highest communicative potential.

Why Choose Speech Therapy from Two Can Talk?


Highly trained to assess and treat communication and swallowing disorders in children and adults.


At-home, daycare, and community
visits to suit your lifestyle & schedule.


Individualized intervention plan to meet your specific needs and to promote carryover and generalization of skills.

Trusted by healthcare practitioners, teachers, psychologists, private schools & daycares, developmental centres and most of all our satisfied clients.

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Excellent Resource Alert!

We had the pleasure to review a novel Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) system, Linggo, with its Founder & CEO and are excited about the functional communication and language skills that it sets out to improve in children and adults with various communication needs! It is designed with a behaviour analytic approach, is very user friendly, and offers progress tracking across various communication partners. Our clinicians will be completing training on using Linggo as a communication system and a therapy tool and will be happy to discuss with you whether it might be a good fit for you or your loved one. Click here to learn more about Linggo!

Toronto Speech Therapy – Tailored to Your Needs

Is your toddler reluctant to start saying any words while other kids are already forming sentences? Is your preschool or school aged child having a hard time pronouncing certain sounds? Are you concerned with your child’s reading and writing skills? Has a member of your family had a recent stroke and cannot understand or formulate language?

Luckily, there is a way to help with any of these concerns! Two Can Talk is a Toronto-based speech therapy practice where clients of all ages receive personalized care to remediate communication delays or disorders. Whether you are concerned with understanding and using speech and language, fluency (stuttering), literacy, or loss of previously acquired language skills, we are here to support and guide you towards effective communication.

We provide tailored speech therapy for kids and adults. Our speech language pathologists are highly skilled at assessing and treating various speech and language difficulties. We work together with family members to put together a personalized intervention plan and implement evidence therapeutic techniques. With Two Can Talk, you will receive one of a kind, caring and effective care.

Speech Therapy in Your Native Language

We are committed to delivering speech and language services that are accessible to various multilingual communities. Whether your child doesn’t speak English at home, or you prefer to speak to someone in your native tongue, our multilingual clinicians are here to help. Apart from English, our speech and language therapists are fluent in many other languages – from Arabic and Russian to Mandarin and Hindi. This can also be beneficial for families trying to raise bilingual children as we can determine whether the communication difficulty exists in one language or both.

In-Clinic, In-Person and Virtual Speech Therapy Available!

At Two Can Talk, we provide speech therapy at our clinic in Vaughan, your home or online! We service multiple locations across the Greater Toronto Area with virtually no wait times! In addition to in-home visits, we can also come to your child’s daycare, learning center, or school. Our speech teletherapy sessions are delivered online via a secure platform and involve both traditional and innovative speech and language techniques. Teletherapy is available to children and adults living all over Ontario.

At Two Can Talk, we strive to accommodate your busy schedule and can offer weekday and evening appointments at various morning, daytime, and evening times. Speech therapy is covered by most extended health benefits and a doctor’s referral is usually not necessary. If you are searching for “speech therapy near me” looking for the best speech therapist for yourself or your loved one – you’ve come to the right place. Select a session type that fits your needs and begin your journey towards effective communication with Two Can Talk!